Fresh 48 session tips during a pandemic

I never in a million years expected to see a worldwide pandemic in my time. I don't think any of us did.

I have wrote a smaller Facebook post about this topic but thought it was deserving of an actual post. All of us have missed important things due to COVID19- I feel especially sorry for the first time mamas who have waited for their maternity, fresh 48s and newborn sessions. I am so sorry again to my clients I cannot capture these moments currently. I think when life slowly returns to normal that fresh 48 or hospital sessions might be something that takes a little longer to return. I am hoping when social distancing eases- I'll be able to complete some fresh 48s in home for a more of a lifestyle session feel. In the meantime, here are some basic tips and tricks for you and your support partner to capture those hospital memories even during a pandemic.

Hospital windows make perfect backlighting. Having your parent or mama stand in front of the window can make a pretty breath taking detailed shot.

This trick also works well with the baby bassinet up against the window shot at a crouching level!

Remember- BGH has those fans right under the window that blow on baby so try to get this one quick.

Fresh 48 hospital sessions are full of raw details you don't always think of capturing but wish you did because babies change so quickly. Their little hospital bracelets are perfect photos.

Make sure you don't forget the little tiny details! ProCam or DazzCam are great iPhone apps that provide different len angles for capturing great shots of hospital bands, toes, teeny baby wrinkles.

On an iPhone- switch to portrait mode, in the top right hand corner, click the 'F' option to change your aperture to make it smaller. The smaller the number, the blurrier the background will get.

Don't forget mama. Baby cuddles photos are the best. Mamas hospital bracelets make for great detail shots, babies feet in mamas hands, babe on mamas chest, I try to capture first breastfeeding moments if mom is comfortable, postpartum bellies with babies feet is a powerful shot.

I would love to edit any photos you take yourself, simply email them to me. Fresh 48 sessions are widely captured in black and white. I provide some colour images. Shadows and lighting are easier to manage, black and white helps keeps the focus on details and babe.


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