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Mentorship Investments

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Online FaceTime

This is perfect to go over anything you have questions about. This 60 minute time slot can be completely tailored to your questions and what you wish to learn. Image critique + screen sharing!


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1 On 1 

Tag along to some sessions and take notes! This Package includes: finding your niche, style and aesthetic, how to attract and book your ideal client, shooting & posing, come along to a live shoot with models, finding good light - anywhere, workflow from start to finish, goal setting and constructive criticism on your work and/or website.


1 Weekend

Tag along with me to a wedding or packed weekend sessions and bring your camera! This package includes; work and website critique, live photoshoots to watch and take notes and shoot for your own portfolio/editing, how to shoot in different lighting situations and how to edit them, contracts and emails, headshots for your own website or personal use.


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Ready to make magic?

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